About Sparkle

About Sparkle


Thanks so much for visiting my website.

If you don't know me already my name is Laura Viskovich, or also known as Sparkle, because I like to bring happiness to people around the globe. I started in the business world when I was 26. I had just come back from 3 years travel in England and Canada. I had no intention to go work for a boss or attend anymore casting calls for film and tv. So I knew I had to create my own work.....


I decided to create a magical world for kids entertainment in Australia. I created my website and for 2 weeks I waited for the phone to ring and then something magical happened, the phone rang and I was booked for my first event. From that moment forwards I worked worked each week and grew a great business. I learnt the 'what to do's' and 'what not to do's' really fast! I found as a small business owner, in this fast paced world, I had to create systems that can be automated. I quickly realized that I needed to continue to nurture relationships with my clients.As long as I looked after my customers and appreciated them they gave me repeat customers and my business thrived!

I now share business systems to business who want more time freedom in their day to focus on the important things...more time for a quality of life! We forget in this busy life that we can choose how to work, the location of the work and even who we want to do work with and at the end of it happiness within is the key to success! I hold fun networking groups both Online and Offline to help people successfully network.


"The richest people in the world look for and build networks , everyone else looks for a job."

Robert Kiyosaki

I have noticed a lot of people attend networking event and no real connections are made or generated leads/referrals. I am here to help change the future of networking and assist entrepreneurs grow. Im really excited to meet you and learn about your journey. 

Kind regards, 

Laura xo

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